What is a U3A?

U3A stands for University of the Third Age. U3A's are community self-help organisations offering adult education courses, recreational activities and excursions for mature aged people. There are U3A's in many countries around the world.

What is the Third Age?

The Third Age refers to the stage of life following the First Age of childhood dependence and the Second Age of employment and parental responsibility. The Third Age is often called the “age of active retirement.”

In the Third Age, the emphasis is on learning for the love of it. U3A members share educational, creative and leisure activities and make new friendships in a supportive social environment.

Why use the term University?

The term “university” is used in the original sense of the word: a community of people sharing knowledge and ideas.

There are no entry qualifications

There are no tests or exams

There are no degrees or diplomas

Who can join?

Although U3A is called a ‘university,’ the organisation is for all those in their Third Age –active retirees and semi-retirees. There are no specific age requirements.

How is a U3A run?

U3A members organise their own activities by sharing their skills and interests. Each U3A’s program is developed from the interests of its members and the resources of its community. Tutors, group leaders and committee members are all volunteers.

U3A's all over Victoria share the same philosophy but each is autonomous and develops its own character.

In Victoria, 106 U3A's with 30,000 individual members are part of the larger U3A Network Victoria.

What is Portland District U3A ?

Portland District U3A is part of the worldwide U3A movement and a member of U3A Network Victoria.

Portland District U3A was one of the first U3As established in Victoria. The organisation lapsed for some time but was reformed in 2010. It is now a very vigorous community group with over 100 members and an extensive and varied program.

Portland District U3A follows the U3A philosophy in offering affordable self-help learning opportunities for mature aged people. Courses and activities are developed from the needs and preferences of our group and according to our resources.

Where are PDU3A programs and activities held?

Unless otherwise advertised, all Portland District U3A activities are held at our home base, South Portland Hall, Wellington Road, South Portland 3305.

What does it cost to be a Portland District U3A member?

An annual subscription of $30 (payable in June) entitles participation in all advertised activities at no further cost (other than consumables, some excursion fares and externally offered events).

How do I join?

Complete and return membership form by mail with your payment to:

The Treasurer

Portland District U3A

PO Box 501 Portland Victoria 3305